For almost every Organization, Businesses & Enterprise, managing and maintaining the workforce attendance is critical. Mantra biometric time and attendance system renders an accurate clock-in and clock-out time of personnel in any firm to achieve functional excellence. Sai Security System biometric attendance system presents a cost-effective solution for controlling the employees’ attendance and collecting the data.

Looking at an ever-growing market need for a futuristic and accurate attendance system, Mantra brings a real-time Biometric attendance management system. Our biometric attendance machine assists organizations or enterprises in boosting their productivity and optimizing the resources. Additionally, the real-time biometric attendance systems utilized for employee attendance possess the capability to analyze gain on invested man-hours.

Biometric Time and Attendance System

Our biometric time and participation framework upgrades security among the laborers as well as shields the workplace alongside ensuring an organization’s important information. In addition, our participation the executives framework renders made sure about access control and approval by following and keeping up the passages and ways out of each representative.

Sai Security System one of a kind time and participation framework presents an endless participation answer for organizations or endeavor, comprehensively pertinent and available at different areas. Our biometric machine recognizes a person’s physiological highlights like unique mark, iris and face recognition to enroll the participation, along these lines disposing of any control through intermediary participation at the working environment.

The cutting edge biometric participation framework renders

  • Flawless finance computation with only one tap
  • Biometric machine takes out worker intermediary
  • Decreases the expense and labor
  • Offers constant data
  • Confines unapproved get to
  • Lift representative effectiveness
  • Overseeing leaves and occasions proficiently
  • Assembles information from various areas at one spot
  • Complete revealing of the worker subtleties

Biometric Time and Attendance System bolsters

  • Cloud Based Platform to get to the information whenever anyplace
  • Report age on worker participation
  • Live Attendance Tracking
  • Brought together Data Collection of numerous areas
  • Work force shrewd participation following and checking
  • Report Scheduling
  • Time-Attendance Management for various move

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