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About Us

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Sai Security System is from the place of Amplus Solar, brought to you by a powerful group of sun oriented specialists and architects. This group has one objective: To empower property holders to settle on more intelligent decisions for their homes.

As Asia's pioneer in dispersed vitality arrangements, Amplus sunlight based has an arrangement of more than 600 MW, serving in excess of 150 customers at more than 200 areas. Amplus has been the decision of sun based accomplice for some, business and modern clients like Walmart, Metro Cash and Carry, PepsiCo, Carlsberg, Mahindra, Amway, Honda, Yamaha, Reckitt Benckiser, Hilton, Dominos, TVS, GE, Whirlpool, Big bushel, Decathlon and so on.

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At Sai Security System, we love sound. We truly do! Regardless of whether it is for a home theater framework or for acoustic arrangements or regardless of whether it is to make an appealing tangible condition, we accept, we are the ideal individuals for the activity. Since we help make a modified vivid encounter that incorporates the best of sound and video. This, at a cost that is really moderate!
Sai Security System is dependable, financially savvy and effective force arrangement supplier. The organization was built up in 1998, since its foundation Sai Security System has been rendering subjective administrations at all the occasions, with 100% consumer loyalty and selling the best inverters, battery and online ups frameworks in quality just as evaluating to our significant customers.